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Interview on Podcasting Smarter

I was recently interviewed for an episode on Podbean’s “Podcasting Smarter” podcast. My conversation with the host, Jennifer Crawford, wasn’t particularly ROTK-centric, but rather focused more on the nuts and bolts of podcasting. Check it out if you are interested.

On a related note, we are currently one of Podbean’s featured podcasts, as well as its Podcast of the Week. Thanks to Podbean for the honor and for its efforts to help listeners discover its shows. Such exposure is particularly meaningful to independent podcasts like this one.


Sayonara, Soundcloud

Some of you may have noticed that the podcast episodes became inaccessible via the website and certain podcasting apps over the weekend. The culprit appears to be something going on at Soundcloud that affected its users’ RSS feeds. Although the feed is back up now, three days of downtime (and the lack of any kind of tech support that I could contact) was enough to convince me to move my audio file hosting elsewhere. I had been planning to do that anyway, as the way I had things set up through Soundcloud was not optimal. If nothing else, it’s now a whole lot simpler for me to get the URL for an uploaded file, something that I had to jump through hoops to do on Soundcloud.

I still have a few months left on my Soundcloud paid account, so I will probably keep uploading new files there in addition to my new hosting site. What happens when the paid account expires? I don’t know yet. So, if you had been listening to the podcast via Soundcloud, you might want to consider switching to one of the other ways to access the show.

Two-Year Anniversary

Two years ago today, episode one of this podcast went live. Twenty-four months and seventy-nine episodes later, all I can say is thank you to everyone who has listened to the show and supported the show for making this a wildly enjoyable ride! I can’t believe how fast time has passed. May the next two years be as fun as the last two.

Now on Patreon

Some listeners have asked me about setting up a Patreon account so they can support the show that way, so I have. The show, of course, will always be free, and as always, thank you to everyone who supports the show, whether it’s making a donation, rating it in iTunes, telling your friends about it, or just tuning in every week! You guys make this project enjoyable and worthwhile!

Offers of Donation

A few of the show’s loyal listeners have written to me recently expressing a desire to make a donation to support the podcast.

First, let me say that such messages mean a lot to me, because they tell me that what I’m doing is clicking with somebody out there and helping to fill a need, which was the reason I started the podcast in the first place.

Second, let me reassure you that I have every intention of continuing with this project until it’s completed, regardless of whether any donations come in. I never intended to make any money from this show, and that has not changed. I started the podcast to help introduce people to a wonderful piece of Chinese culture and history, which is in itself payment enough. Many of you have written to me to tell me how the show has helped you get into the story of the Three Kingdoms, and just knowing that is ample motivation for me to keep going. Anything on top of that is a bonus.

With that said, for those of you who are offering to send a little something to support the podcast, I want to make it possible for you to do that. So I have added a donation page. Look for the “Make A Donation” link under the top banner on the website.

As you will see on the donation page, there are two ways you can make a gift to show your support for the show. The first option is to send me money via PayPal or credit card. The second option is to make a donation not to me, but to the Red Cross. When you make a gift to the Red Cross, you can dedicate it to “John Zhu, 3 Kingdoms Podcast”. This way, your money goes to help people who need it much more than I do, your donation would be tax deductible, and I get to feel good knowing that my show is helping somebody in need. It’s win-win-win.

With either of these options, whatever amount you see fit to give would be much appreciated.

Thank you all, as always, for your support.