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Interview on Podcasting Smarter

I was recently interviewed for an episode on Podbean’s “Podcasting Smarter” podcast. My conversation with the host, Jennifer Crawford, wasn’t particularly ROTK-centric, but rather focused more on the nuts and bolts of podcasting. Check it out if you are interested.

On a related note, we are currently one of Podbean’s featured podcasts, as well as its Podcast of the Week. Thanks to Podbean for the honor and for its efforts to help listeners discover its shows. Such exposure is particularly meaningful to independent podcasts like this one.


If You Need A List of All the Characters …

A commenter requested a list of all the characters with pictures. If that’s something you’re looking for as well, check out the searchable, sortable character bios database over at The really cool thing about this database is that for many characters, it includes not only biographical info from the novel, but also from other historical sources, including the Records of the Three Kingdoms.

A note on pictures: The reason you don’t see many images on this site is that I tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to copyrights. While there are some public-domain images for some of the major characters, for most of the supporting cast, the images available are from either the video game series or the TV shows and movies. While there may be a fair-use justification for using some of these, it’s a big hassle and not at all clear-cut, so I just steer clear of that headache altogether.

Differences Between ROTK and Records of the Three Kingdoms

Records of the Three Kingdoms

A listener asked me recently if I could provide a point-by-point comparison of the differences between Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Records of the Three Kingdoms. My answer is that I am not enough of a historian to be able to do that. For those who are not familiar with it, Records is an actual historical document written by an official who lived in the tail end of the Three Kingdoms period, while ROTK, written about 1,000 years later, is often called 70 percent history and 30 percent fiction.

If you are interested, I did come across an article (PDF) that looks at a few of the differences between the two works. And of course, if you know of other resources on this topic, please do share.

Pictured: A reprint of the Records of the Three Kingdoms (Source: Wikipedia)

New Feature: Interactive Timeline

I’ve been laid low by a cold for the past week, so I haven’t been able to record a new episode. However, I used the down time to make a new addition to the site — an interactive timeline of the events in the novel (there is a link to it in the main site navigation). I also included the eras preceding the time period we are in, just so you can have a rough idea of when some of the historical references made by characters in the novel occurred. I am going to update the timeline as we progress through the novel. Enjoy!

Screenshot 2014-10-21 at 10.05.58 PM